Green Protein Alliance

Who are we?

The Green Protein Alliance (GPA) is a unique alliance between 25 retailers, the catering industry, food producers and 10 knowledge partners in the Netherlands, supported by the Dutch Government. Their common goal: restoring a healthy and sustainable balance in protein consumption.


The current ratio of plantbased:animal protein in the Dutch diet is 37:63. GPA’s ambition is to realize a 50:50 balance no later than 2025. This balance is a first step towards a more healthy and sustainable diet. Our Green Protein Growth Plan (in Dutch) describes how we realize this ambition.

Why is this important?

Experts worldwide agree: the protein transition, or shift, is the most urgent challenge in the food domain.


The GPA was founded in 2017. Already in its first year, the association proved that a transition approach, involving all chain-partners, works: consumption of meat and dairy is declining, while that of pulses, nuts, meat analogues and plant-based alternatives for dairy are rising.


Members of the GPA include major retailers and producers, as well as innovative starters. They offer plant-protein food products rich in pulses, nuts, mushrooms, micro- and macro-algae (seeweed). Also banks and Provences are members. Knowledge partners assist the GPA in providing supportin evidence on e.g. health, nutriotion, transition management and sustainablity.

Want to contact us?

Please contact Jeroen Willemsen, Spokesman for the Green Protein Alliance.

T : +31 (0)6 – 177 38 037
E : jeroen (at)